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Professional Program

Whether you are breeding your first litter or the next Best in show winner, we have a product for you. Please get in touch with us for more details:

    1. Price advantages: Our breeder program offers special pricing and discounts to registered breeders. We also guarantee to ensure that our breeders always receive the best possible prices.

    2. Puppy and kitten packs: We understand the importance of providing new pet owners with the necessary information and products to ensure their pets are properly cared for. As a part of our program, we offer puppy and kitten packs that include educational materials, product samples, measuring cups and flyers for our products. These packs can be given to new pet owners by breeders to help them get started on the right foot.

    3. Shows benefit: We understand the importance of shows and competitions in the breeding industry. As a part of our program, we offer benefits to breeders who participate in shows and competitions. This includes show special pricing, promotional material, and access to our team of experts to help prepare their litter for competition.

Overall, our breeder program is designed to provide breeders with comprehensive support and resources. With our specialized products, puppy and kitten packs, and educational resources, we aim to be the go-to pet food supplier for breeders who are committed to raising healthy and happy litters.

Alternatively, contact Michelle Hill the program manager directly at or 0455-566-013 

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